profession pro‧fes‧sion [prəˈfeʆn] noun [countable] JOBS
1. a job that needs advanced education and special training:

• realtors, a profession with an established record of service to the public

• People assume that money management is a well-paid profession.

2. the legal/​medical/​teaching etc profession used to talk about the people working in a particular job, considered as separate groups:

• In the bankruptcy field you find some of the legal profession's most forceful personalities.

3. the professions [plural] accountants, doctors, lawyers, teachers etc considered as one group:

• During this century, the professions have been one of the fastest growing sectors of the occupational structure.

4. by profession if someone is a doctor, teacher etc by profession, that is what they trained to do as their job. This phrase is usually used when talking about the fact that someone is doing different work for a period of time:

• A graphic designer by profession, he has spent the last two years in public relations.

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profession UK US /prəˈfeʃən/ noun [C]
a job that needs a high level of education or special training: »

What is it like to work in a profession where more than 97% of your colleagues are men?


the accountancy/teaching/engineering profession


the legal/medical/actuarial profession

sb is sth by profession »

He's an architect by profession.


She is a leading commercial lawyer who is highly respected within the profession.

enter/go into/leave a profession »

We won't get people to enter a profession that doesn't reward effectiveness.

the people who do a particular type of work, considered as a group: »

There's a feeling among the nursing profession that their work is undervalued.

the professions — Cf. the professions
See Note JOB(Cf. ↑job)

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